Welcome to Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School

Hello my name is Nancy McClain. I would like to introduce myself and tell you about "Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School". I have been teaching students from all over the U.S. and Ohio for many years. Most of our student's come to our school by word of mouth through other students . We are very proud that our referrals come from our students that we have taught through these many years. I am state licensed through The Ohio State Board Of Career Colleges and Schools. We have a wonderful school that is equipped with hydraulic tables so the dogs feel very secure when being worked on. We also have a hydraulic bath tub, so there is less heavy lifting. We are equipped with all the latest equipment so it will be a pleasure grooming the dog's.

You will also be instructed on how to use the clipper vac system. This makes your grooming faster and very clean with the dog's hair contained, so you will be grooming in a clean environment. We will supply you with the latest equipment that you are able to use while you are at our school. That way, when it comes time to graduate you will be familiar with the tools of the trade and you will be able to pick and choose what suits you best. We are very proud of our school and feel our students are ready to either be a mobile groomer, work for a grooming shop, or open their own business. Our students are very happy with the grooming of their dogs. I will teach you how to be safe and compassionate while grooming because after all these pets are like children. Our goal is to train Professional Dog Groomers that will take pride in themselves and their abilities. Even though dog grooming is hard work it is a very rewarding career for the pet lover. If this sounds like the career choice for you feel free to give us a call or contact us online. We look forward to seeing you in class!