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Open Enrollment & Weekend Classes Available

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Weekday Open Enrollment is always available. Finish your training in just two weeks.

Weekend Classes are an opportunity for working students to complete their classes on Saturday or the weekend. For students who are working Monday - Friday, this option may be for you!

For more information on our Saturday and weekend offerings please Contact Us or call the studio at 330-239-1471.

Tuition And Fees

  • Registration Fee: $125.00
  • Laboratory Fee: $200.00
  • Material Maintenance Fee: $50.00
  • Instructional Tuition Fee: $2,500.00
  • Total Cost: $2,875.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School one of the premier schools in the nation?

  • Member of The Better Business Bureau, A+ Rating.
  • Nancy McClain has over 40 years of dog grooming experience and has been teaching students for over 35 years. To be able to have a teacher with so much experience and knowledge will be a great advantage for students.
  • We try to fit your needs. If you can only attend a few days a week, because you work a full time job, we will work out a schedule to best fit you.
  • We have small classes, to help you get the very best instruction you can have.
  • We provide up front answers and honesty, because we are like an open book to not lead students in the wrong direction.
  • We teach only humane techniques and no cruelty by instructor or students is permitted.
  • Nancy is approved by the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. Her registration number is #99-01-1506T.
  • Nancy is a graduate from the State School of Dog Grooming and also has her license in pet massage and a state license for Master Groomer Certification.
  • Nancy is very well known in the pet grooming industry and there is nothing she cannot answer.
  • We have had students from all over the United States. The trip is well worth it!
  • We have an 80 hour course. We do not separate our programs. We have incorporated our Brushing and Bathing Program into the course, so that you can finish faster, without weeks of long hours to complete the course.
  • We are happy to send you a school booklet with phone numbers, references and real students you can talk to!
  • Please check out schools before making a decision, talk to previous students and ask for at least 10 references.
  • We have a wonderful school and you will be pleased to graduate from Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School.
  • Check out and look for Nancy McClain.
  • Thank you for your time and I hope I have helped you and will be able to teach you

I have taught students nationwide from Florida to Alaska. I think it takes a special person to teach dog grooming. There are many people in the industry that should not be in it! Do not be fooled by claims of awards and accreditation. A student will only be as kind and caring as their instructor. I believe you should have a great feeling when you meet the instructor and be able to observe a class in action to be sure this is what you have in your heart to do. I feel taking your dog to the groomer is like taking your child to a day care center. We have set a new standard in the pet industry for a new generation of compassionate, responsible, safe groomers. Groomers from my school can be trusted with animals.